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Healthy Eating for Seniors

featuring Tracy Lockwood Beckerman with special guest California Congress Member Michelle Steel





11:00 AM PST

Tracy Lockwood Beckerman


California Congress Member Michelle Steel

Incorporating the proper nutrition into your diet as a senior is crucial to improving your overall health.  With these tips and recipes, you can find helpful ways to incorporate nutritious foods into your diet that keep your body strong as you age.

Join Roadmap to Health, Nutritionist Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, PhRMA, We Work for Health and the Orange County Business Council for a conversation on the benefits of incorporating 5 key foods into your daily diet that pack in the nutrients you should be getting as a senior in your diet, along with helpful tips to make your diet even healthier!

Special guest California Congress Member Michelle Steel will address constituents about how as we age, it becomes even more important to monitor which foods we should eat to support a long and healthy life.

About Roadmap to Health

​Roadmap to Health is a mobile health fair program that travels to communities across the US and works to remove barriers to health care. Roadmap to Health continues to support healthy communities by sharing helpful resources and hosting live discussions about how to keep in good health. Together, we can follow the roadmap to good health. Click here to learn more about this program..

About Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, MS, RD, CDN

Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, MS, RD, CDN, is a leading women's health expert and nationally-recognized registered dietitian. Tracy is the nutrition expert for Betches Media, appears regularly on the hit wellness podcast, "Diet Starts Tomorrow," is the host of the Well+Good Youtube series "You Versus Food," and continues to grow her nutrition and communications company, Tracy Nutrition, as well as her platform on Instagram as @thehappiestnutritionist.

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